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Category Archives: Financing

Mortgage Lenders in Ghana

5 Mortgage Providers In Ghana You Need To Know

Housing or shelter is considered as one of the most important basic needs in everyday society and it’s a dream come true for many people. However, not everyone has the means to accomplish that desire. This is where mortgages come in to save the day. Mortgages are loans taken to buy homes or property. In Ghana, the following financial institutions can be considered when it …

Financing, Ghana Sep 26, 2021 0 Continue Reading
South Africa Real Estate Market Mortgage Rebound

SA Property market rebound Sees Home Loan applications...

There are early signs that the property market is rebounding sooner than expected, as the pent-up demand wave ends and the appetite for home loans grow. Property is certainly more accessible following five successive repo rate cuts since January. With the drop in the prime lending rate from 10% to its current historic low of 7%, many South Africans are finding a footing on the property …

Rent vs Buy SA

South Africa: Low 7% interest rate and downscaling tre...

The exceptionally low interest rates, are opening up the residential property market to buyers who previously did not qualify for bonds. Following the latest interest rate cut, purchasing real estate has never been more enticing. At the current prime lending rate of just 7%, homeowners can end up spending less on their monthly bond installments than they would in rent. Downscale due to pressure Applicant …

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